Hosting an Artist

November 14, 2011—Local resident Nancy Acheson relates the joys of housing a professional musician during concert week.

For seven of the ten years we have lived here in the valley, Tom and I have been privileged to host a musician performing  at the Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival.  It’s been one of the highlights of a summer here in the Valley.  Coming from the West  side of the state where we viewed and heard musicians in performance but did not have personal contact with them, welcoming them into our home for several days is special.

Others who have hosted also speak of those special opportunities.  “You not only get to enjoy a talented musician, but the concerts take on a more familiar feel as you watch your hosted musician bring life and his/her unique touch to the music,” said Carolyn Sullivan, who has hosted for four years.   “I look forward to hosting every year…”

Sandy and Cindy Mackie have hosted the last two seasons of the Festival.  “We welcomed the opportunity to become involved in what has become one of the summer’s most anticipated events.”  Their guest said the hospitality here in the Methow Valley rivals any of the other welcomes she has enjoyed elsewhere in her touring.  Cindy said, “The joy of welcoming an international artist into our home and providing her a comfortable environment is reward enough…. But complimentary tickets…to see our guest perform..created a wonderful opportunity to share the festival with friends and introduce them to the joy of world-class music in a barn.”

Barbara and John Williston have hosted several years.  Barbara said, “The time that Mara is here is magic!  She’s such fun to be with and so humble with her wonderful talent.  We are in awe of her every time we see her on stage.”

Put some magic into your summer:  become involved with the Festival any way you are able.  Hosting is a wonderful opportunity.  If you are interested in hosting, please call 996 6000 and leave a message for Nancy McKinney at the festival office, or email, for further information. 

Join us this summer  for musical magic on Signal Hill in the Methow Valley!

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